social relationships, happiness & well-being



We’ve already covered quite a bit about how strong social connections and relationships support our physical health. Now let’s hear about some of the work of Mathew Lieberman and Naomi Eisengerger, whose research has shown that, for some of us, social pain registers in the same brain areas as physical pain.



And in the next clip, we hear more from Mathew Lieberman on this and how choosing to not develop our social brain can actually do us harm. He also tells us how we might hack our social brain and, in doing so, build and develop our social superpowers.



And here is a really wonderful presentation from RSA animate with Jeremy Rifkin speaking on the evolutionary science of empathy and social living and its implications. You’ll also hear a little about the fascinating topic of mirror neurons.



And finally, let’s hear from this week’s speaker, Professor Tod Kashdan, on how we can maintain passion in our relationships over the course of time.