grow young coaching

Can we really impact on the rate of our decline? The very speed at which we age?

Whilst there are a good many out there telling us that ‘anti-aging’ is possible, what I and my experts realised was that so often this appeared to be a covert sales pitch for some fancy & usually high cost potion, intervention, lotion, gizmo or other and therein lay an inherent conflict. Equally, too often the claims simply didn’t bear up well under closer unbiased, scientific scrutiny proving once again the time-worn adage ‘If it seems unbelievable then it most likely is’.

I started developing Grow Young in an attempt to bring clarity to all the confusion. We’ve dug into the science behind the stories, studies, myths and claims and in our book and online resource have attempted to bring to you the truth of what actually works and what doesn’t and to present it in clear and easily understood language.

Whilst it appears that the phrase ‘anti-aging’ creates a powerful sales pitch the reality is we all will age despite the most convincing hyperbole. However what the research does appear to demonstrate is that the pace at which aging happens can be radically altered and in fact you can very likely convincingly turn back the clock and appear to Grow Young for a good few years yet by following some simple research proven steps.

Grow Young Coaching offers you the unique opportunity to be personally guided and mentored through all the pillars of the Grow Young program.

What you will receive by joining this program is:

  • a 10 week personal coaching journey guided by me during which we’ll discover your unique personal optimal start point and then …
  • motivation and mentoring to build, develop and work together through all seven of the pillars towards your own personal flourishing
  • access to current research translated in easy to understand language – what actually works and why?
  • a free copy of our Grow Young book due out in December 2015
  • free membership to our Grow Young community and newsletter
  • discounted rates to our seminars, retreats and workshops

If you’d like to know more about what the program entails and how it can change your life then contact me directly to discover more