Be Empowered: Personal, Professional & Leadership Purpose Retreat

Be Empowered is a 3.5-day immersive and experiential retreat program designed to reconnect us with these and many other essential capacities and offer tools to bring them forth in ourselves, our coaching and into the wider social sphere. The retreat will be held at Elohee, a dedicated nature retreat center set in 220 acres of undeveloped land and nestled deep in the foothills of the stunning Blue Ridge mountains in North Georgia. Elohee ( EL-oh-HEE ) is a Cherokee word meaning “earth place.”

During the retreat, we will have a number of opportunities to be facilitated into and show up with radical, embodied presence and encounter the wild world in a way that can be deeply powerful, surprising and transformative. The experiential group and individual activities will include deep listening practices, conversations with the wild, somatic work, dreamwork, powerful language through myth and story, mindfulness practices and nature-based artistic practices interspersed with competencies-based coaching skills sessions. This retreat, while offering coaching specific skills and units, is a powerful and accessible learning experience for both coaches and non-coaches as a way of discovering what really matters most to you in this moment and, more importantly, offers ways to crystallize this into action in your life.

There will also be personal reflective time to embody and embed the deep nature of this learning.

CCEU’s: To be announced

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August 31st-Sept 3rd 2019


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